• "Here in this world there are thousands of newspapers and magazines reporting the stale, repetitious happenings of this limited space. So for reporting the news of the unlimited spiritual realm, concerning the eternal, ever-fresh Supreme Personality of Godhead, we could publish a newspaper at every second, what to speak of daily."
    - Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura
Bala Gopala's Mrdanga : An insignificant attempt (by an insignificant entity) to render service to this instruction.


Bala Gopala's Darsan

Categories: Bala Gopala's Darsan

nāgo navāmbho virudo
vīrahā varado balī
go-patho vijayī vidvān
śipiviṣṭaḥ sanātanaḥ

He is the serpent Ananta (nāga). He is the cause of new rains (navāmbha). He is a tumultuous sound (viruda), the killer of heroic warriors (vīrahā), the giver of benedictions (varada), powerful (balī), the Lord who follows the path of the cows (go-patha), victorious (vijayī), wise (vidvān), effulgent (śipiviṣṭa), and eternal (sanātana).

- Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama - Text 23


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